Hello & Welcome to my site :)  I'm Klarice (the one in the back:)).  I hope you thoroughly enjoy what you see here ;) 

WHY do I take pictures:

I take pictures because photography INTRIGUES me.  I get sucked into the creative process, I love the nostalgia of looking back in time, and I like being the supplier of memories.

WHAT do I photograph:

I take pictures of things that EXCITE me and at times things that excite others ;) I am yet to limit myself in the photo arena.  I have most commonly shot portraits, but have also shot events, things, places, and most importantly FOOD!  JK (not most importantly, but definitely one of my faves).  

WHAT do photos mean to me: 

Photos mean CREATION.  Photos mean keeping a small piece of that time we will never get back.  They mean REMEMBERING what once was, what we once experienced, where we once were, WHO WE WERE.  Photos give us MEMORIES that we can look back at and LAUGH, WONDER, CRY, or SMILE.  Photos are a REFLECTION of ourselves and the time and space we live in.